Memories fading

I realized today I had forgotten your laugh

It was a whisper in my mind now

Once your most defining feature

I don’t remember if you laughed often towards the end

When we were stars exploding into black holes


I strained to think of our first kiss

Your lips on mine come easily

But the words you said has faded

They were once tattooed brightly across my heart

Life has worn away so many layers now


I long to remember the sound of your voice

Sweet whispers remain against my ear

The ones you never shared before

To macabre for the light of the world to reach

But tucked away safe in my memory


So much of you has become lessons now

Your touch and your kiss transformed

A reminder of a person I once was

A constant warning of what to never again become

A mercy cry to the future


The days you were my lover have set

And I made a dawn of what you taught me

Turned you from a lover to a teacher

Because using your memories up to fuel growth

Is the only future we’ll ever have


For my Kitten. I’ll always regret who I was for you.


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