Global warming

Winter comes

With balmy gusts

Snow a distant memory

Ice caps melt

Well we’re fucked

Seasons shift make history

Warmer days

Herald the end

Of childhoods filled with snow

Without a change

The world will burn

From seeds the greedy sow


Today that is about all I have in me. It’s been an exciting lovely relaxing exuberant day in my personal life, but around me the government is shut down and those I love are scared of what this will mean for even surviving. I’m feeling some impending doom one way or another, and even fixing the current political fiasco won’t solve the long term problems we’re ignoring. So I wish I could bring some hope in a world that’s becoming more inhospitable by the day. Maybe it is just the good days, the personal triumphs and joys, that we have now that can guide us through. Spread any little good the lights your heart outward and use that brightness to set fire to those in power, we’ll build something better from the ashes.


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