Winter’s Love

Light snow falls in softened greys

the king of winter in his shadowed halls

embraces his lover the downy sky

with cold arms reaching from afar

The sky presses his lips down in softness

each flake a gentle kiss laid upon

the king of winters bare earthen brow

of frozen ground and early darkness

The cold wind howls a mournful tune

a serenade of their solemn romance

sweetness in the arctic chill

a graceful love affair set in snowdrifts

The king of winter and his lover sky

the stormy sky and his lover winter

a blizzard of passion and utter silence

a timeless ardor of ice not flame


Manic starving daydreams

The tight grip on my chest

making breathing laborious

accents the cold that seeps in past layers

cutting icy knives into my skin

its a manic high of being alive

the winter sun too bright

my bones to shallow beneath my skin

a cigarette breakfast for company

I remember those feelings wistfully

with full knowledge I shouldn’t

for I was lean grace and agony

starving away my flesh and soul

Some days I tiptoe back

towards that heady precipice

the sky rush of empty caverns inside

and dizzy days of fierce tortured accomplishment

Its hard to fight off the courtship

with death and self consumption

when you feel most alive when starving

the closer to death the more bright the colors

Each day a forced resolution

to find a healthier happiness

each day convincing the self

we won’t go back, we’ve chosen to live


When you’re gone

Your lips are a memory that lingers

Your fingers playing down my spine

My body responds even once you are gone

Your scent intermingled with mine

I have sweet manic dreams in bright colors

You’re not in them, but every last one

Has that energy you left behind when leaving

Your aura won’t be outdone

I savor the electric fantasies

Hungry for the knowledge of you

Your body, you mind, consume me and see me

This yearning threatens to break through

I’ll wait content with my hunger

As all my walls become dust

You inspire a fire that devours my fears

Connecting with love and with trust



Just to love you

You fall asleep fully clothed

A fabric wall between you and the rawness of a world that you can never show weakness

I lay next to you as naked as the window pane

With the raindrops tapping out a vulnerable song

You have a joke for every occasion

The smile never leaving your eyes or else pain will take its place

Except those rare times your eyes turn from blue to grey, winter coming far too fast

And I’m all raw vulnerability

Constantly asking your thoughts, wanting to hear reassurances that wouldn’t be certain even coming from a stable man

But I don’t need stability or naked vulnerability to love you

I love the winter storms in your eyes as much as the summer skies

The moments the mask you wear falls to the ground aren’t more precious because they are rare

They are precious because you allow me to witness them at all

And I’ve left behind all romantic fantasies of healing a wounded soul

I only want to love you as best as I know with every breath I have